jscarlton 2010/09/03

NOTE: The Who Dat Report podcast is on hiatus and probably won’t return. I’m replacing it with this rarely-updated blog instead.

Why? The show took hours per week to record, edit, and produce, and was expensive to host, too. Plus we had a kid (UPDATE: NOW 3 KIDS!) and I got a real job, which sucked away all of my free time. However, since I stopped the show, several other Saints-related podcasts have risen, so I recommend checking them out. Thanks to the thousands of people who listened to the show, and go Saints.

The Who Dat Report is a weekly podcast for Saints fans, by Saints fans. We’ve been in the ‘Dome and at Tulane Stadium through thick and thin, and we’ll keep showing up as long as our boys are marching in.

The Who Dat Report is produced by Stuart Carlton, a New Orleans native, Tulane Graduate, and former Saints beer vendor.

We welcome your feedback either in the comments section or via email at stuart (at) whodatreport [dot] com. Interested in advertising on the Who Dat Report? Send an email to the same address.

Disclaimer: The Who Dat Report is not affiliated with the New Orleans Saints or NFL in any manner, and the opinions on The Who Dat Report website and podcasts are not necessarily reflective of the opinions of either the Saints or the NFL.