Who Dat Report 2010 Week 2

jscarlton 2010/09/16

(running time: 63 minutes)

In this week’s show, Stuart discusses the upcoming game, the San Francisco 49ers, the role of injuries and luck in the NFL, and more with Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee and Josh Levin of Slate.com and the essential podcast Hang Up and Listen. Stuart also introduces two new segments: “3 Facts”, which contains exactly 3 facts that you need to know about this week’s game, and the Josh Levin Random Saints Memory, in which Stuart asks the guest for a random Saints memory.

The show opens with Matt, followed by 3 facts and Josh at about 21 minutes in.

You can also follow Matt on Twitter via @mattbarrows and Josh via @josh_levin.

The Who Dat Report is looking for advertisers. If you’re interested in getting your message out to Saints fans across the globe, send an email to stuart (at) whodatreport (dot) com.

Show Notes

About the theme song: No Barbecue Bob this week. Instead, I did a quick recording of “When the Saints” and then wrote the theme song for 3 Facts. Hope you enjoyed.

Here’s a link to the football discussion on Slate from last week. Highly recommended.

You can find Josh’s article on the corruption of flag football here.

Finally, a link to the famous Slate headline, Der Sisterbanger.