Game Day Beer: New Orleans at San Francisco

jscarlton 2010/09/20

No time to cook today, so the Game Day Recipe is being replaced with a Game Day Beer. From San Francisco, naturally, since that’s who the Saints are playing.

San Francisco is home to Anchor, one of America’s classic craft breweries. While Anchor is famous for Anchor Steam, but their best beer is Anchor Porter. Anchor Porter is one of the best widely-available porters, especially when you consider that it’s usually found for less than $106 pack. It’s got everything you want from a porter: malty, fruity, with a bit of chocolate and a reasonable hit of molasses. Surprisingly drinkable for a porter: one could have a few if one were so inclined. Highly recommended.

You can read all about Anchor Porter at Beer Advocate, or just admire the picture:

Anchor Porter