Who Dat Report 2010 Week 14


Running time: approximately 52 minutes

__I’m thrilled to bring you this week’s Who Dat Report, which features interviews with 2 fantastic guests.

Aaron Schatz is the Editor-in-Chief of Football Outsiders, perhaps the premier NFL stats site on the web. In addition to their innovative statistics, they also feature some of the best play-by-play breakdowns around, complete with play diagrams, etc. It’s really great stuff. You can also follow Aaron on [Twitter][2] at @FO_ASchatz. While you’re visiting Football Outsiders’ website, you can sign up for their premium service, which includes their picks against the point spread (they’re 106-80-6 this year, which beats almost anyone who picks every game), if that’s your kind of thing. You should also buy their preseason almanac each year; it’s great.

Jeff Duncan (starting approximately 32 minutes into the show) writes about the Saints for the Times Picayune. His book is called Bags to Riches: How the New Orleans Saints and the people of their hometown rose from the depths together. You can order a signed copy of the book from Acadian House here, or you can save a few dollars (and support The Who Dat Report) by ordering an unsigned version from Amazon.com by clicking here. The book is a great Christmas present for the Saints fan in your life. You can also read Jeff’s great articles at Nola.com/Saints and follow him on Twitter via @jeffduncantp. It’s a great gameday Twitter feed.

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[2]: http://www.Twitter.com/FO_ASchatz